Give Your Prospects A Demo They Won’t Forget

Capsule lets your team build interactive sandboxes where users can touch and feel the product.

This Is Not A Video.

It's interactive. Try using your mouse in the Capsule below.

↑ This is a Capsule recorded by a product designer to show the Etsy website.

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How It Works

Install The Extension

Get our chrome extension and visit your app.

Capture Your App

Use our extension to record your app to Capsule.

Set Up The User Flow

Add tooltips and transitions to your sandbox from our dashboard.

Share Your Capsule

Embed a capsule straight onto your site. Or send capsules as links.

Pull Your Prospects In With A Lifelike Sandbox

Ditch the screenshots and the videos. Put together an interactive experience of your app in minutes.

Design Your Sandbox

Just record views and add tooltips. It’s that simple.

No Engineering Needed

Don't spend weeks building your own sandbox. With Capsule you can have a sandbox in minutes.

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Make Compelling Email Captures

No need to spend weeks writing an Ebook, or designing infographics. You can request leads enter their email before trying the demo.

Or Easy To Follow How-To Guides

No more time spent answering customer support questions that were on the FAQ. Use Capsule to make visuals your customers can easily follow.

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Our Company

Since we've all gone to work remotely, we need new ways to share what's on our screens.

We're building a new way to experience and collaborate on the internet.

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